Friday 15 December 2017

'Ugly' flyover is like the 'Berlin Wall', say locals


Christine Palmer (13), Martin Gannon and David Palmer. Front: Aoife Heffernan (12) and Davin Palmer (10)
Christine Palmer (13), Martin Gannon and David Palmer. Front: Aoife Heffernan (12) and Davin Palmer (10)
Newlands Cross flyover

THIS is the view some residents living alongside the country's newest flyover have to contend with every day.

The towering Newlands flyover opened last year and has been a source of grievance for some south Dublin residents, who claim proper 'screening' was never provided by planners.

In a recent meeting with South Dublin County Council and the National Roads Authority, residents from Newlands Road claimed planning promises to block off the "ugly" views of the flyover were ignored.

Geraldine Palmer (44) said residents "didn't have enough time" to see the plans for the flyover.

"It should have been built under (the back garden wall) and they have got it right jammed up with us now, which is horrible," she said.

"I mean, look at the far side of the road, there is plenty of room. We used to be able to see the Dublin Mountains from our bedroom," she added.


Sean Kirwan (84) and his wife Kathleen (82) have lived on Newlands Road for more than 40 years and say the flyover is "like the Berlin Wall".

Their garden is covered with flowers, trees and a large fountain, but they say nothing can block out the view of the flyover.

They concede that protest efforts were simply "too late".

"There was just no one in our area fighting for us and it's too late to do anything about it now," Mr Kirwan said.

"It is really ugly, but we've got to learn to live with it, otherwise it would drive us mad," Ms Kirwan said.

However, the council told the Herald that residents' "concerns had already been addressed".

They said screening was provided through the provision of trees, a 2.5metre boundary wall and a 1.8metre high "noise barrier" on the flyover itself.

The council said that following concerns raised by locals, an independent investigation was carried out in January which found that the works, including the provision of screening, was compliant with the planning.

A spokesperson said that due to those reasons "no further steps are necessary".

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