Thursday 20 September 2018

U2 add taxes and stage tumbles to their hit list


U2 frontman Bono has hit back at claims that the band are evading tax by moving some of their business interests abroad, saying that they pay a "fortune" in tax.

"It is just some smart people we have working for us trying to be sensible about the way we are taxed," he said in an interview on Sky News.

"We pay a fortune in tax, a fortune, just so people know, and we're happy to pay a fortune in tax.

"Because you're good at philanthropy and because I am an activist people think you should be stupid in business," the Dubliner said, "but I don't run with that."

His bandmate Edge said that it was "ridiculous" to make such a big deal out of moving some of their business to the Netherlands as so much of their business was outside of Ireland.

The band returned to the stage on Thursday night with a show in Vancouver after fears that the tour would have to be postponed after Bono was in a cycling accident last November.

He suffered six fractures and was forced to undergo surgery on his arm after the accident, prompting fears that he would never play the guitar again.

But the lead singer is on the mend now says he's feeling good.

"There's nothing cool about falling off your push bike. I just feel so stupid. I did make a mess of myself but I'm strong now and feel good," he revealed.


Bandmate The Edge is feeling a similar pain after taking a tumble from the stage on the band's opening night of their Innocence and Experience tour.

He later shared a snap of his injury with fans.

The rockers have returned to their roots with this year's world tour which is their first time on the road in four years.

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