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Two shots fired into house in latest shooting to hit Drogheda


The house’s smashed window

The house’s smashed window

The house’s smashed window

Paralysed mobster Owen Maguire's gang might be linked to the latest gun attack in Drogheda, gardai believe.

The possible link is one line of inquiry as officers investigate the attack, which took place in the Beechwood Drive area of Marley's Lane at 12.15am yesterday.

No arrests have yet been made in the case, and it is understood that the gunman was briefly chased after the shooting.

He fired two shots at the house, with one smashing the living room window and the other going through the front door.

A shotgun was used in the attack, and left a large hole in the door, surrounded by pellet marks.

The house that was targeted is in a large estate off Marley's Lane on the eastern side of the Co Louth town. No one was injured.

A source close to the occupants of the house said yesterday that the incident was not related to the ongoing feud which has blighted the town in the past year.


Heavily armed gardai continued to patrol the town yesterday as tensions remained extremely high.

Yesterday's shooting happ-ened only seven hours after a gun attack in Donaghmede, north Dublin, which gardai suspect could be linked to the warfare in Drogheda.

"This is one line in the investigation, but it has not been confirmed yet," a senior source told the Herald last night.

It was reported yesterday that the 24-year-old leader of the anti-Maguire faction had been the target of the lone gunman who fired two shots in Grangemore Park near Donaghmede Shopping Centre at 5.20pm on Tuesday.

"Gardai have not established that this is definitely the case. The Drogheda gang leader has been seen in that locality recently in a distinctive red car," a senior source said.

"A similar vehicle was used by the target of the shooting on Tuesday, but it has not been established if this is the same car or the same person. CCTV is being studied to establish these facts."