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Two out of three city litter louts don't pay their fines

ALMOST two-thirds of litter fines issued last year in the capital went unpaid.

Dublin City Council handed out 1,929 fines in 2012 -- but just 696 of these were paid.

Almost half of the fines were issued by litter wardens in the city centre, where the littering and dumping problem is severe.

Some 528 fines were handed out to people in the upmarket areas of Ballsbridge and Terenure.

According to figures obtained by the Herald, some 531 people appealed their litter fines last year -- 228 of these were successful.

The figures do, however, reveal that the council is not afraid to initiate prosecutions against litter louts.

The Waste Department initiated 318 prosecutions for the non-payment of fines and secured 87 convictions.

The council also agreed 25 out-of-court settlements with people it claimed had been found littering.

This often involves cases when the council deems that the person charged cannot afford to cover court costs and penalties.

After a fine is handed down, the council has six months to issue a court summons.

However securing a conviction can be difficult as litter wardens must ensure there is solid evidence.


The percentage of fines being paid is down significantly on last year.

The level of littering and dumping has alarmed city councillors in recent months, with claims that dumping has soared by over 300pc in some areas.

Fianna Fail councillor Tom Brabazon described some of the dumping as "criminal and unpatriotic".

"This week alone I have had very serious complaints of dumping of household waste in Streamville Park in Donaghmede, around the Darndale and Belcamp areas and, in speaking to council colleagues across the northside the problem is certainly not localised with one area manager reporting a current 360pc increase in dumping," Mr Brabazon said.

The council has adopted a range of measures to combat dumping, including placing CCTV in litter hotspots.

Litter wardens have also been examining some waste in order to determine who has dumped it.