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Two killed in Greece crash

TWO people were killed when a bus crashed into a gully and caught fire on the eastern Aegean Sea island of Chios.

Six people were rescued from the wreckage of the vehicle.

Police said the vehicle veered off the road into a 10-meter (30-foot) gully this morning, catching fire.

Twenty firefighters with 10 water trucks rushed to the scene to free the survivors and extinguish the blaze, which spread through low brush.

'No child safe'

in Syria crisis

No child is safe from the bloody conflict in Syria amid reports of the "shocking" scale of brutality against youngsters.

War Child said young Syrians were being murdered in execution-style killings, raped, abused, used as human shields and enlisted against their will to fight.

War Child urged the UK government to step up efforts to protect children caught up in the fighting, saying it believed between 500 and 1,300 children had been killed.

Olympic torch

in EastEnders

The cast and crew of EastEnders are putting the final touches for tonight's live Olympic Torch episode.

The eight-minute live insert will focus on Billy Mitchell, played by Perry Fenwick, as he carries the Olympic torch live through Walford, E20.

After weeks of planning, EastEnders will welcome the torch at its home in Elstree, Hertfordshire, where it will then be passed to Billy Mitchell who will continue its journey past some of the most famous landmarks, including The Queen Vic.

Cancer linked

to salt intake

Better "traffic light" food labelling is needed to reduce the number of stomach cancers linked to salt, experts said.

Too much salt is believed to promote cancer by damaging the stomach lining.

An estimated 14pc of stomach cancers in the UK -- one in seven cases -- could be avoided by reducing salt intake to recommended levels, it is claimed.

People in the UK and Ireland consume an average of 8.6 grams each a day, much of which is hidden in processed food.