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Two arrested over teenager shot in head

A MAN and a woman have been arrested by detectives investigating the attempted murder of an 18-year-old who survived being shot twice in the head.

Luke Wilson suffered horrific eye injuries after the botched murder attempt at the Memorial Park in Inchicore at 3pm on Sunday, January 13.

A 35-year-old career criminal from Ballyfermot and a 23-year-old woman from Clondalkin were arrested on Monday afternoon.

Sources say that neither of them is suspected of involvement in the gun attack, but are close to the chief suspect.

"There will be more arrests in this case. It is a very detailed investigation," said a source.

Luke Wilson was targeted because of a pub brawl the previous weekend.


Sources say that the row between Luke and the other man turned violent when the other man started verbally abusing the memory of Luke's murdered uncle John.

The pub assault victim is not suspected of any involvement in Sunday's shooting, but one of his best friends is a teenager who was arrested but later released.

Luke is the nephew of a notorious band of gangland brothers: John Wilson, who was shot dead in September, and convicted murderers Eric and Keith Wilson.

He was raised at their family home in Cremona Road, Ballyfermot, by their mother Kathleen Wilson after his own mother Debbie died.

Despite his youth, he has been involved in a number of violent incidents in the Ballyfermot area.

Last July he was arrested by gardai after they came across him involved in a brawl on the Ballyfermot Road. He was later released without charge.