Tuesday 22 May 2018

Tweets reveal Bressie fans' raunchy plots

HE'S regarded as one of Ireland's most eligible bachelors.

But Bressie (31) says he is often left flushed and confused after reading messages from adoring female fans.

"I mean I've got an open mind," The Voice of Ireland judge told the Herald, "But some of the stuff the women send to me? I don't even know what half of it means."

The Mullingar native said that Irish women have been sending him some seriously saucy tweets and emails.

"Irish women have a serious ability to say stuff that surprises me. You don't want to know what they ask me."

But we do, Bressie. We really do. Niall got hearts racing last year on RTE's The Voice of Ireland. It could even be said that he managed to upstage most of the contestants.

And fans will be thrilled when Bressie returns to our screens this January.

The TV star says he loves taking part in the show but is finding his heart-throb status difficult. Bressie says he has got non-stop slaggings from friends since he appeared on the show.

"I get so much ribbing off my mates for all the attention I get. I can't talk about it without sounding like a tool, but it's all part of the show." And there's more good news for the ladies: Bressie intends to stay single.

Earlier in the year, the singer was linked to Rozanna Purcell but he insists:"I have been linked to so many people but no, I'm not with anyone. And with The Voice schedule, I wouldn't put a girl through that.

"Working on The Voice for eight months is very tough. A lot of girls say they're going to be ok with it, and then three of four weeks later you're getting nasty text messages, and then you realise that it isn't working out."

The star went on to say that when he does settle down, it will be with a very special person: someone who's ambitious in her own right, but understands how demanding his work can be.

"I would need someone who is understanding. And understanding of what I do."


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