Thursday 20 September 2018

TV3's Red Rock rolls off screens for the summer


TV3's soap Red Rock is taking a three-month break.

The series is due to wrap for the summer on a cliffhanger.

Although most soaps in the UK and Ireland don't break for the quieter season, TV3 sources said that it is par for the course in other territories.

"Taking a break was always the plan, lots of shows in Australia and the US do it," an insider told the Herald.

"We're going to leave the viewers wanting more with a brilliant cliffhanger in the last episode in June and then we'll be back with really strong episodes in September.

"Red Rock has been doing brilliantly and fans of the show are calling out for more episodes."


"In the 'Netflix era' we feel the consolidated figures show that people are going out of their way to watch the show. We're really happy with how it's going," they added.

TV3 said that since its launch on January 7, Red Rock has reached 2.3 million viewers accumulatively across TV3, TV3+1 and 3e.

"Red Rock delivers on average 209,000 viewers per episode across TV3 and TV3+1," a representative said.

"Looking at all transmissions across the week, Red Rock delivers an average viewership per episode of 284,300 viewers."

This week saw schoolgirl Rachel Reid finally being confronted by her panicked older lover Sergeant Brian McGonigle.

This particular episode on Thursday averaged 173,000 viewers.

But TV3 insist that viewing figures "are set to rise even further" as the storyline around the McGonigle and Rachel Reid affair reaches a crescendo.


The season finale of Red Rock airs on June 4 at 8.30pm on TV3.

Red Rock is due to wrap on June 4 with an episode "on the edge of the seat".

The next season of the soap, which will return to TV3 on Wednesday September 2, will have even more twists and turns.

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