Saturday 25 November 2017

TV interest in Obama wanes

The interest among television viewers in President Barack Obama's annual State of the Union addresses is dwindling.

The Nielsen measurement company said an estimated 37.8 million people watched Mr Obama's speech on Tuesday night on one of the 14 networks airing it.

Mr Obama's audience for the speech has dropped each year, from a high of 52.4 million in 2009.

Nuclear checks begin in Japan

Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency have begun their first inspection of a Japanese nuclear power plant that has undergone official "stress tests" -- a key step required to restart dozens of nuclear plants idled in the wake of the Fukushima crisis.

A 10-member IAEA team was inspecting the number three and number four reactors at the Ohi nuclear power plant in Fukui, western Japan, where 13 reactors are clustered in four complexes along the snowy Sea of Japan coast, making it the country's nuclear heartland.

Two killed after building falls

A multi-storey building collapsed in Rio de Janeiro after a possible natural gas explosion, and authorities said two bodies had been found in the wreckage.

Rubble was strewn across a wide area, covering cars and motorcycles.

A neighbouring building sustained some damage, and television showed at least two people on its roof apparently awaiting help from firefighters.

Dictator's gifts are auctioned

Gifts and memorabilia belonging to late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu are being auctioned off more than 20 years after his death.

Among the items up for grabs in today's auction are a pen that will go under the hammer for at least ¤2,000 which Ceausescu received during a visit to Japan in 1975, a bronze yak given to Ceausescu by China's Mao Tse-tung, and gold-plated silver and enamelled doves that Ceausescu received from the Shah of Iran in 1977.

Ceausescu was overthrown during the 1989 anti-communist uprising and executed with his wife Elena on Christmas Day, 1989.

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