Saturday 23 March 2019

Tubridy's Late Late Toy Show rakes in €400k for cash-strapped RTE

Ryan Tubridy. Photo: Andres Poveda
Ryan Tubridy. Photo: Andres Poveda

This year's Late Late Toy Show drew a massive 1.3 million viewers - and raked in more than €400,000 worth of advertising for RTE.

The annual extravaganza is one of the biggest money-spinners for the cash-strapped broadcaster.

The station's advertising team sold six Premium Packages to companies that wanted to feature their products during the show's ad breaks.

Companies that wanted their ads to run at the start or end of the ad break paid an extra €15,000, regardless of length.

This year's audience giveaway saw all lucky pass holders walk away with goodie bags worth an estimated €400.

Advertisers were charged an extra €10,000 to have their products included in the bags.

When asked about the revenue generated by the show, RTE said the figure was "commercially sensitive".

However, it confirmed that this year's show had been in "high demand" with advertisers as the Irish economy continued to "gather pace".

"It has become a must-see event, where the nation comes together. This is an attractive proposition for commercial clients who want to position their brands," it said.

Advertising for the show was booked as far back as last September, with a separate package available for its Digital section.


RTE sold one Platinum Package worth €20,000 and three RTE Player-only deals costing €5,000 each.

There was also "individual spot" packages for the show and the repeat programme, which cost €34,000 each.

The cost of packages has increased in recent years, with rates for 2015 premium packages coming in at €57,500, some €2,500 less.

RTE said that at its peak, some 1.7 million people tuned in to see Ryan Tubridy fronting the live show.

A further 100,000 watched it on the RTE Player.

The show kicked off with a scene from the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid, with Tubridy dressed as Sebastian the crab.

In 2016, the programme was named the most-watched show of the entire year, with 1.57 million tuning in to see the Jungle Book-themed special.


This was the equivalent of a 76pc share of the available audience.

RTE's coverage of Uefa Euro 2016, the All-Ireland Football and Hurling Finals, the Guinness Series Live and RBS 6 Nations account for two-thirds of the programmes in the top 20 of 2016.

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