Tuesday 12 December 2017

'Trump's TV remarks about my looks were weird,' says model Roz

Roz Purcell Picture: Fergal Phillips
Roz Purcell Picture: Fergal Phillips

He has been lambasted for his disparaging remarks about women and Roz Purcell has admitted she found it "weird" when Donald Trump called her gorgeous on a US chat show.

The Tipperary woman (26) met the Republican presidential nominee in 2010 when she was a finalist in the Miss Universe competition, which Trump owned at the time.


"I remember on a talk show one night, they were talking about Miss Universe and Trump was like, 'Did anyone see Miss Ireland? She was so gorgeous.' And I was like, 'that's so weird.' I think he saw me as the little Irish girl that was over there," Roz told the Herald.

Although she said she found Trump to be a nice man when they met, she thinks his derogatory comments about women are inexcusable.

"I know you can't foresee if you're going to run for an election one day, but regardless, you're a guy who is in a powerful position and a role model for people in business and you shouldn't talk like that."

This comes as TV presenter Angela Scanlon slammed Trump for his remarks toward women, describing them as "disgusting".

She spent weeks travelling around America filming a documentary for the BBC on the US Presidential hopeful's "superfans".

She condemned his latest remarks about groping women as being completely inappropriate.

"Those comments are appalling and his justification for saying them in the first place, I find equally appalling. To dismiss it like he did and say it was just locker room talk, to me is just disgusting and disrespectful.

"How on earth does he think that it's acceptable for a possible future President of the United States to talk like that?" she said.

Angela spent weeks travelling around places such as Texas and North Carolina quizzing his youngest supporters on why they're backing such a controversial figure. Airing just before the US Presidential Election next month, Angela relished getting her teeth stuck into a meatier political topic.

"It's a very intense time over there and you could definitely feel a sense that there's a real desire for change among some US voters.


"I basically met these superfans, some as young as 12, who are obsessed and completely enamoured with Donald Trump. It was an interesting experience as well as being funny and at times, also quite heart-breaking.

"It was strange to meet these young people with such a narrow view of the world, one that's normally reserved for older people with more life experience."

The documentary maker was also the envy of all her friends recently after teaming up with footballing icon David Beckham for his new Haig Club whiskey event.

She described the world-famous hunk as "lovely."

"He's fabulously dressed and is a very charming man but is just really normal at the same time," she said.

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