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Trump to host G7 at his Miami golf resort


US President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

US President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters


US President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

The White House says it has chosen US President Donald Trump's Miami golf resort as the site for next year's G7 summit.

The announcement comes at the same time the president has accused Joe Biden's family of profiting from public office because of Hunter Biden's business activities in Ukraine when his father was vice-president.

The G7 summit will be held from June 10-12. The idea of holding the event at Mr Trump's resort has been criticised by US government ethics watchdogs.


Mr Trump has touted his Doral resort, saying it is close to the airport, has plenty of hotel rooms and offers separate buildings for every delegation.

Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said a team looking at the sites reported that it was "the perfect physical location to do this".

"It's almost like they built this facility to host this type of event," he said.

Holding the event at Doral would also be dramatically cheaper than other sites, he claimed and added: "There's no issue on him profiting from this in any way, shape or form."