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Tricky questions, but I think I did well

There were a couple of awkward questions in the ordinary-level Maths paper one, but it was fine overall.

Some students in the exam hall thought the paper was hard enough, while others thought it was easier than they expected.

Beforehand, everyone was learning off all their formulas.

There was relief when it was over and people weren't as worried as they were before they went in.


There was a graphs question to do with complex numbers - that looked tricky at a first, but it was okay once I read through it.

I am relieved to have the first few days of the exams over.

The plan for the weekend is to study for next week.

But in between all the studying, I am also hoping to take my mind off the exam pressure by having a game of football or something like that with my friends.

I'm also looking forward to watching the Champions League final later tonight.

Next up on Monday is Maths paper two in the morning. Then it's Irish paper one in the afternoon, so I'll be knuckling down to be ready for them.

William Murphy (19), from Blackhorse Avenue in Cabra, is a student at St Paul's CBS