Thursday 17 January 2019

Traveller gang shot my son in his head in dispute over women

A man shot twice in the head during a car chase was targeted in a row over two Traveller women.

The father of the victim has told the Herald that his two sons returned to Ireland last summer and became involved in a bitter dispute.

It was revealed this week how one of the young men was shot in the head during a chase on Cheeverstown Road in Tallaght last Friday, January 28.

A Traveller group from Bray -- known as 'The Slashers' -- are the chief suspects in the shooting. The victim's dad, who did not wish to be named, has now claimed that the group has been terrorising his family since they returned to Ireland last year.

His sons became involved in a row with the Bray group -- which centred around two Traveller women.

The victim of last Friday night's shooting came to Ireland to convince both his brothers to return to England but became embroiled in the feud.

"My son came to Ireland to help his brothers and ended up being shot in the head," the father claimed.

"He was supposed to travel back to England to get married but now this has happened.

"My sons were driving that evening when a carload of them pulled alongside and blew the cars to bits. We think up to 20 shots were fired and my son was struck twice in the head."

The victim of the shooting was taken to Tallaght Hospital at around 7.30pm on January 28. He was transferred to Beaumont Hospital but left with a bullet still lodged in his skull.

The victim's father told the Herald that his sons recognised their attackers but the assailants have gone into hiding.

"It's very easy for a Traveller to disappear, he could go into any camp in the country and be accepted and nothing would be said," he added.

Since they arrived in Ireland the brothers have been targets of the Bray Traveller gang, their father claimed.

"They told my sons 'we own Bray and we want you out'," their father said.

"This has been a nightmare for my wife and family. When we came here we didn't want to become involved in any of this," he said "My daughter's home in Wicklow has been attacked and €6,000 worth of damage was done to my pick-up when it was attacked with slash-hooks."

The father, who lives in England, claimed the Traveller family that is well-known to gardai, had also beat his sons with bottles in the past.


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