Wednesday 23 January 2019

Travel is restriced in more Ebola hotspots

Sierra Leone has restricted travel in three more Ebola hotspots where more than a million people live, meaning about a third of the country's population is under quarantine.

Sierra Leone is one of the hardest hit countries in the outbreak sweeping West Africa that is believed to have killed more than 2,900 people, according to new World Health Organisation (WHO) figures.

In an address to the nation, president Ernest Bai Koroma put the Port Loko, Bombali and Moyamba districts under isolation, allowing only people delivering essential services to enter and circulate.


The WHO also noted that these districts were seeing a rise in cases.

In other parts of Sierra Leone, including the capital, homes will be put under quarantine when cases are identified.

The Ebola outbreak, the largest ever, has also hit Liberia and Guinea and is believed to have infected more than 6,200 people. A patient also slipped into Senegal from Guinea but the disease does not appear to have spread there.

Nigeria has linked 20 cases to the disease and eight deaths after a man infected with Ebola travelled there from Liberia.

President Goodluck Jonathan said: "Nigeria is free of the virus now but we know that to be permanently free from it, we must remain vigilant and work with WHO and the international community to eradicate it completely from our sub-region and forestall the possibility of its re-emergence."


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