Monday 22 January 2018

'Traitor' jibes won't stop me -- Creighton

A SUPPORTER of the Fine Gael heave against Enda Kenny has revealed she was called a "traitor" and "disloyal" for her stance.

Lucinda Creighton has spoken for the first time about the bitterness behind last June's botched coup.

In an exclusive interview with the Herald, the Dublin South East TD also says that Mr Kenny's leadership is now secure but issues remain.

Ms Creighton says the question of a second heave doesn't arise but the party still has serious problems to address, especially in urban areas.

The TD -- who is originally from Mayo -- says that many in her home county felt she betrayed them by supporting Richard Bruton during the summer conflict.


But she is making no apology for the stance, stating: "If I see something wrong, I will say it." According to Ms Creighton there was "a cohort" of people who have been "very aggressive".

"They feel that there is something wrong with me because I voted against Enda. I think it's quiet preposterous simply because we're from the same county."

And she says that while things are improving, there is "still an amount of healing to be done". "A lot of people were hurt by the whole experience," she said. Asked whether the party had moved on, Ms Creighton replied: "The concerns that I had in June, just not about Enda Kenny but about the party and the stagnation in the party are still there. We all have to up our game in a very big, serious fashion and very quickly.


"I took the position I took for a lot of reason, not just Enda as leader. It was the management of the party, how parliamentary party operates, how decision making happens and even the definition of the party."

In a wide-ranging interview, she also explains why she is taking on RTE's massive plans for a campus redevelopment in Montrose.

She reveals that while she isn't opposed to the proposal in general, the national broadcaster needs to have enough civic responsibility to leave land for a new primary school.

The feisty TD also says that she has "no regrets" about her very public spat with developer Sean Dunne and gives an insight into her personal life ahead of her wedding next year.

Speaking about women in politics, she says: "You have to be tough.

"I struggle with that sometimes. I'm not always as tough as I'd like to be. You have to be able to take all sorts of abuse."

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