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Tragic Emma's mum to meet minister

The mother of Dublin teenager Emma Sloan, who died on O'Connell Street from a severe allergic reaction, will today hand a petition with more than 110,000 signatures to Health Minister Leo Varadkar (pictured right) to push the Government to make life-saving EpiPens widely available.

Caroline Sloan, from Drimnagh, will meet with the minister to demand that life-saving injection kits be placed in every school, creche and restaurant in the country.

Emma (14) died last December 18 after a pharmacy refused to give her an EpiPen device when she went into anaphylactic shock.

Emma collapsed and died on the pavement after mistakenly eating a peanut-based satay sauce at a nearby Chinese buffet minutes beforehand.

"I don't think I'll be able to properly grieve for Emma until I can push this through," Caroline told the Herald.


"I need to know it won't happen to anyone else before I will be able to deal with her loss," she added.

"People also need to be made aware you can die from these allergies. If I had known Emma was in danger she would never have gone out without an EpiPen," said Caroline.

On two previous occasions when affected by her allergy, Emma's lips had swelled up and Caroline had taken her to the doctor.

"Nobody there said it was potentially fatal. She was never sent to a specialist and no-one brought me in, sat me down and told me it could kill her," she said.

"Ten years ago people were saying you would never see defibrillators in clubs, shopping centres and offices, but they are everywhere now, and I think it should be the same with EpiPens," Caroline said.

"They are easier to use than heart machines and also save lives too," she added.

"It needs to happen this year, because there is a risk someone else will die until the Emma's Voice campaign is successful," Caroline added.

"2014 has been a very hard year, and now that Emma's first anniversary is coming up I just don't know where the days and weeks have gone," said Caroline.


The mother-of-three says she wants to see more allergy clinics around the country so people at risk of severe reactions are made aware of the dangers and told if their lives could be at risk so they can know to carry EpiPens.