Thursday 14 December 2017

Top Gear's executive producer quits fuelling rumours of all-new show

Top Gear's executive producer has reportedly quit the show.

In a leaked email, Andy Wilman allegedly paid tribute to staff on the programme and everyone who has worked with him over the years.

Disclosed by the motoring news website Jalopnik, the email is reported to be entitled 'Au revoir'.

It reads: "At least we left 'em wanting more. And that alone, when you think about it, is quite an achievement for a show that started 13 years ago.

"We had a lot of laughs, we had a lot of tiffs. We went to amazing places and we went to some sh**holes. We nearly killed a presenter, we had to run for the border.

"Throughout all this we made television that was beautiful to look at and beautiful to listen to. The work ethic never slipped, the desire for everyone in this dysfunctional family to do right by the show never faltered.

"Jeremy, Richard and James, as the visible tip of the iceberg, got most of the attention and praise, but you all in your own fields had such an immense hand in weaving this unforgettable tapestry," he wrote.

It is understood that Wilman and Clarkson have been friends since school. Wilman's notice comes after controversial host Jeremy Clarkson was sacked by the BBC for allegedly assaulting Irish producer Oisin Tymon (inset) after a shoot.

Insiders say that Clarkson "exploded" when he discovered that there was no hot food for him after a day's filming and he allegedly abused Tymon verbally for 20 minutes and is said to have punched him in the face.

James May has hinted that he will quit Top Gear, saying he would like to go back to normal life.

Speaking outside his home in west London today, May said he thought his days of working on the show were up.

He said the Top Gear trio "always knew it wasn't going to last forever" after presenting the show together for 12 years.

May said he often thought about the day the show came to an end and looked forward to getting back to a normal life.

He added that he thought those days had already arrived.


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