Friday 24 November 2017

Top bosses are 'out of touch'

Company directors remain out of touch with their managers despite the sustained public outcry over "fat cat" executives, according to a new report.

A survey by leadership institute Roffey Park of 1,500 managers found that board-level directors had a "distorted" view of their own success, with most of them believing they were good leaders.

Only two thirds of managers praised executives' leadership skills, while fewer felt secure in their job than board directors.

Four out of five directors said they were happy at work, compared with 62pc of other managers.

Graduates lack

skills in office

One in five employers believe school-leavers make better workers than university graduates, according to new research.

A survey among 1,000 firms by recruitment giant Adecco found that over half argued that university graduates had unrealistic expectations of working life.

Newcomers to the world of work were found to be most lacking in inter- personal and computer skills, according to the poll.

Armani's take on hard times

DESIGNER Giorgio Armani has said the recession calls for "a less aggressive and more human approach to life."

Speaking at the launch of his Winter 2013 Emporio line, Armani was referring to how people should deal with the current crisis, also he believes, reflected in the way they dress.

The winter 2013 menswear collection presented, was subdued but not sombre, revisiting old classics and giving them a contemporary twist.

Shepherd's pie

is hot favourite

Shepherd's pie has been named as the most popular comfort food to see people through the cold winter months, according to research.

A total of 60pc of people opted for the traditional meat pie with mashed potato topping in the research for Sainsbury's .

It was followed in second place by the Italian classic lasagne. Chicken curry, beef chilli and chicken and mushroom pie came in third, fourth and fifth place.

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