Tuesday 23 January 2018

Titanic's letter asks for cash to return body


A letter from the the owners of the Titanic to the family of a dead officer asking for a large sum of money to return his dead body to England has been uncovered, 103 years on from the tragedy.

The letter, dated May 7, 1912 was sent from White Star Lines to Christopher Moody, the brother of 24-year-old officer James Moody, who died after the Titanic hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage

The company asks for a £20 deposit (€27.80 - the equivalent of €2,927 today) to return his body to England and states that Mr Moody will have to meet the remaining costs from there.

The letter, from parent company Ismay Imrie & Co, read: "While we will be prepared to transport the remains of your brother across the Atlantic to either Liverpool or Southampton we regret that it is not possible for us to do any more.


"Should you after further consideration desire the remains of your Brother to be returned will you kindly telegraph us in the morning at the same time sending us a deposit of £20 for any expenses and land charges on the other side and we will at once cable New York asking them to arrange this if practicable."

The company also said that expenses for taking charge of the remains after arrival of the steamer in England would be the family's responsibility.

The company suggested that Mr Moody's remains be buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but they offered to send his family "a photograph of the tombstone" if they wanted one.

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