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Tips to help avoid those tanturms in the morning

Laura Haugh of the parenting site www.mummypages.ie says the stress of the school-run is frequently mentioned within the online site as getting to school on time requires a huge amount of co-operation from the whole family in order to get organised in the morning.

She offers some tips to help manage the stress points which contribute to the pressure of the school run:

Time: Pressure can be alleviated by getting everyone up 30 minutes earlier, laying out uniforms and preparing lunches the night before. A good house rule is that nobody has breakfast until they are dressed for school.

Travel and Traffic: Plan your route in advance and a back-up alternative route if faced with heavy traffic. Where possible try and walk, scoot or cycle to school with your children to avoid both traffic and parking issues. If you do have to drive, avoid the hassle of parking at the school gate by opting for a 'park and stride' model and choosing a more suitable location near the school.

Office Hours: Many parents struggle with the school-run and getting to work on time. Try negotiating a shorter lunch break with your boss to give you a little more flexibility in the morning.

Tantrums: Every parent will admit to tempers being frayed at some point during the week. Rewards for good behaviour are the most efficient tool at encouraging a positive attitude in the morning amongst younger children. And linking good behaviour amongst teens to their pocket money can have a dramatic effect on their attitude in the morning."