Thursday 18 January 2018

Timeline around Karen's disappearance

Karen Buckley went missing early Sunday morning. Here is a timeline of her disappearance

* At approximately 9pm on April 11 Karen and her friends begin their Saturday night at her rented home on Hill Street, Garnethill in Glasgow city centre. Just a stone's throw from her college, Caledonia University, the student shares the property with three friends. She enjoys drinks with pals before leaving for the night club.

* 11.45pm: Karen and her friends arrive at The Sanctuary, Dumbarton Road, two miles from her house. They enjoy some drinks here before Karen tells friends she is going to the bathroom.

* 1am: Karen was seen leaving the popular city nightspot on CCTV and heading in the direction of Church Street with a male.

* Approx 1.10am: Karen and her male companion arrive at apartment on Dorchester Avenue, according to the man. They travelled to the destination in the male's car. It is two miles from the night club.

* 4am: Male companion says Karen left after spending some time there. Detectives say that the man is helping police with their queries.

* 12pm: Police seal off the apartment block at Dorchester Avenue. They also begin searches at Dawsholm Park, just around the corner from the male's apartment after Karen's bag was found dumped in a bin at a scheduled entrance to the park.

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