Saturday 25 January 2020

Thug 'Scarface' gunned down after online post offended Little's gang

Gardai at the scene on Clonshaugh Avenue. Photo: Arthur Carron
Gardai at the scene on Clonshaugh Avenue. Photo: Arthur Carron

A 22-year-old criminal who was heavily involved in the out-of-control Coolock feud became the capital's latest gangland murder victim after being shot up to nine times at his home in north Dublin yesterday.

Eoin Boylan, who was nicknamed 'Fishy' by his pals but described as 'Scarface' by his gangland rivals, had been under grave threat from associates of slain drug dealer Sean Little.

While not a suspect in the fatal gun attack on Little, Boylan was described as being "too happy" about the shocking slaying in May which meant that he could expand his own drugs turf, according to senior sources.

Sources revealed last night that associates of Little took "grave offence" to a comment that Boylan posted on social media in the aftermath of Little's murder in May.


Gardai and paramedics rushed to the scene around 5.15pm yesterday following reports of a shooting.

Paramedics worked on Boylan at the scene before he was rushed to Beaumont Hospital via ambulance in a critical condition. He later died from his injuries, which included being shot in the head, according to sources.

Gardai and members of the Armed Response Unit sealed off a section of Clonshaugh Avenue between Clonshaugh Crescent and Clonshaugh Heights, and the focus of attention seemed to be at a house between those two junctions. Senior sources say that Boylan knew his life was in "complete danger" and in late September, the Herald revealed that he was the target of a shooting in which the home of an innocent family was shot up.

One shot was fired through the upstairs bedroom window of the home on Clonshaugh Avenue, narrowly missing a woman in her 30s as she was lying in bed.

In the months before this, Boylan had survived a number of attempts on his life.

The murder bids included one in which he was lucky to escape with his life when a gunman opened fire on him outside a hotel close to Dublin Airport.

Eoin Boylan
Eoin Boylan

The would-be assassin fired several shots but the criminal managed to flee uninjured.

In another incident, gunmen were spotted in the 22-year-old's garden but did not open fire.

On a third occasion, he had to flee from Dublin after gardai received intelligence he was about to be targeted.

Boylan was well known to gardai and was previously arrested over an attempted murder when he was just a teenager.

It is understood that he owed cash to a number of different north Dublin crime organisations, but last night senior sources said that associates of Little are the chief suspects in the shooting.

One of the gangs he allegedly owed money to is led by a convicted heroin dealer who survived an attempt on his life in September as part of the complicated Coolock feud.

The scene of the shooting. Photo: Steve Humphreys
The scene of the shooting. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Last night, gardai were unable to confirm local reports that a close friend of Boylan from Clonshaugh had gone missing, but the Herald understands that this man's family was frantically looking for him last night.


"The Little gang are the chief suspects here and they are suspected of hiring a notorious criminal who is now locked up to shoot up his house in September," a senior source said.

"Boylan fancied himself as a gangland hardman and when stopped by gardai he was often in the company of a couple of burly minders who acted as his bodyguards.

"He knew he was under threat from the Little mob and had been staying in hotels a lot in recent months."

Sources also revealed that one of Boylan's closest associates is under grave threat from a currently jailed hitman who is considered one of the capital's most notorious guns for hire.

However, this is not being explored as a motive for the shooting - the latest gun attack in Coolock's deadly feud which has seen multiple murders and armed interventions by gardai.

In May, drug dealer Little was gunned down in north Co Dublin. A day later, father-of-one Jordan Davis was shot dead in Darndale as he pushed his infant son in a pram.

The following week, Little's associate Hamid Sanambar (41) was gunned down in broad daylight outside the Little home where mourners had gathered to pay their respects.

It is being investigated whether Sanambar was murdered as revenge for luring Little to his death.

Both Davis and Little were friends of Zach Parker (23), who was shot dead at Applewood in Swords on January 17.

Boylan, who was considered a "bully boy thug", had a major scar on his left cheek which was inflicted in a blade attack when he was a teen.

In June 2015, he was arrested in relation to a €150,000 cocaine seizure in north Dublin, and he had been on the garda radar for years. In November of that year, gardai launched a major investigation after Boylan was arrested for stabbing another man during a night of mayhem in Clarehall.

Boylan had links to a number of northside gangs, including the 'Monkey gang' - a Traveller outfit based in Finglas with links to the Kinahan cartel.

Dublin city councillor John Lyons said the latest gangland shooting was a worrying development.

"It's hugely concerning," said the Independent representative for nearby Artane-Whitehall. "It's unfortunately becoming a near normal aspect of life."

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