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Thrones star Aidan Gillen sings for homeless with musician Camille


Aidan Gillen and Camille O’Sullivan

Aidan Gillen and Camille O’Sullivan

Andrew Downes, XPOSURE

Aidan Gillen and Camille O’Sullivan

Game Of Thrones actor Aidan Gillen and his musician girlfriend Camille O'Sullivan will perform together as part of a show for the homeless.

The couple are set to dazzle fans at the Rock Against Homelessness event - organised by the Sunday Independent - by performing Roy Orbison's classic In Dreams.

Other guests performing include Natty Wailer, Tommy Fleming, Jerry Fish and The Celtic Tenors.

Author Pat McCabe, who penned The Butcher Boy and Breakfast On Pluto, will do a reading on the night while presenter Laura Whitmore will MC.

"Homelessness, in Dublin specifically, is something I've always talked out about and tried my best to help," said Whitmore.

"At Christmas we did the dinners outside Central Bank which was a great success but also reinforced just how many people are sleeping rough."

Event organiser and showbiz reporter Barry Egan told the Herald that homelessness in Ireland had gone from very bad to worse.

"Unless you have been living on the moon for the past few years you will have noticed that homeless people - and homeless children - are in plain sight on the streets of our country," he said.


"As a so-called modern nation, we have sunk into pretty miserable disgrace when homelessness has reached an emergency point in Ireland.

"The situation would be even worse without the work of incredible organisations like Focus Ireland, who help people escape the trap of poverty and homelessness.

"It shouldn't be up to musicians like Imelda May, Bob Geldof and Camille O'Sullivan to raise awareness about the terrible situation of the homeless in our nation but admirably they do, with concerts like this. And fair play to them for it.

"Fair play to Focus Ireland too for the incredible work they do. They should be applauded."

Rock Against Homelessness will take place at the Olympia on April 23 to raise vital funds for Focus Ireland. Tickets priced €35 are on sale now from Ticketmaster.