Wednesday 26 June 2019

Three raids but no one arrested in crackdown on feud firebombings

A property in St Margaret’s Avenue was firebombed
A property in St Margaret’s Avenue was firebombed

Gardai have carried out a series of raids as part of investigations into a number of feud firebombings in the capital.

Local detectives, backed by members of the Armed Support Unit, searched three addresses in the north inner city.

The raids targeted people suspected of involvement in up to a dozen arson attacks on members of the Hutch family in recent months.


Officers remain on high alert with fears that more firebombings will be carried out as part of the warfare.

Most of the attacks have been carried out in the north inner city, but last week the home of a woman in Crumlin who has no involvement in crime was hit.

Sources told the Herald three properties were raided and further operations are expected, but no arrests were made as part of the raids.

"The situation is very tense at the moment and shows no signs of slowing down," a source added.

"A number of raids have been carried out targeting those suspected of involvement, and operations will continue."

On February 8, the Crumlin home of an innocent woman connected to the Hutch family was targeted.

The previous weekend, an innocent 92-year-old man was caught up in the trouble after more than €100,000 of damage was caused in a revenge firebomb attack on three vehicles.

The man was targeted because he is related to a young thug who the Hutch mob believes is aligned with criminals providing "logistical support" to the rival Kinahan cartel.

Last month, a car owned by a sister of gang boss Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch was torched outside her home in Clarence Street North.

Like the other Hutch-linked women targeted the week before, the 52-year-old woman had no involvement in organised crime.

In another incident, on January 9, a house that was being renovated for a female member of the Hutch family was targeted in a petrol bomb attack which caused extensive damage.

Gardai were alerted to a fire at the front of the property in St Margaret's Avenue, just off the North Circular Road, and found the front door and porch in flames when they arrived.

There was a strong smell of petrol and gardai believe the house was deliberately targeted.

Just under 24 hours earlier, a car owned by a close female associate of cartel target Jonathan Hutch was set on fire in North Great Charles Street, again in a targeted attack.

This followed an incident on December 17 when a soph- isticated hoax bomb was left outside the home of an innocent woman, which led to a Dorset Street apartment block being evacuated.


The incidents have all been linked to the Hutch/Kinahan feud, which has so far claimed up to 19 lives.

However, due to increased garda pressure and the jailing of a number of hitmen, the cartel has been forced to recruit low-level criminals to carry out arson attacks to intimidate the Hutch faction.

Speaking to the Herald last month, Assistant Commissioner Pat Leahy warned the feuding is "inter-generational" and will go on for years.

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