Sunday 23 September 2018

'Three is magic number for kids', says TV3's Lucy

Lucy Kennedy with newborn daughter Jessica
Lucy Kennedy with newborn daughter Jessica

Lucy Kennedy is on cloud nine since giving birth to daughter Jessica last December and is already thinking about her wedding day.

The tot is the third child for the TV3 presenter and her husband Richard. The couple are also parents to Jack (7) and Holly (5).

"Richard is a loving her. As he said, 'it's another little person to walk up the aisle'," she said. The couple thought long and hard about having a third child, feeling it would be an even bigger change than their first two.


"Having a third baby is quite a big decision, it's a life changer. With two children, you have a parent with each child, but three is amazing. Three is the magic number for me anyway," she said.

Lucy reckons Jessica is taking after her in looks but she's not so sure she wants her to have her personality.

"She's a really good baby. She's particularly chilled. It's third time round so I know I can do this. You know you can do it when you have a third baby.

"She is me. Hopefully, she doesn't have my personality but she definitely looks like me. She's got my nose," she told the Diary.

The 40-year-old's two older children are besotted with their new sibling.

"She's very chilled and very relaxed and the other two are obsessed - they love her. My son Jack shocked me the most, he is just totally in love with her. He babysits her on our bed.

"My daughter would love to bring her to school but I won't let them yet," she said.

"I've only done eight weeks maternity leave because I worked right up until the very end with Jess in my tummy, filming Living With Lucy quite heavily pregnant. I'm loving it."

Lucy won't be away from the working world for very long. Filming for the second series of Living With Lucy is set to begin in May. The TV star admitted she's happy to not be a full-time member of staff at Ballymount as it gives her more freedom to pick and choose the projects she does.

"I'm not bored. I'm in the lucky position that I'm self-employed. I'm freelance. I pick and choose what I do and when I do it," she said.

"It's nice to have a few days off in a row. I like my time off but then I like to be busy.

"I couldn't work full time with a newborn but I wouldn't like to be totally off with a new born."

The next series of the show will be bigger than ever, consisting of 10 episodes, with Lucy keeping her fingers crossed the celebrities she has requested to feature will say yes.

The Sandycove woman reckons she won't be back on The Six O'Clock Show for a while.

"I probably won't go back to TV3 until September. I'll be doing Living With Lucy and another show."

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