Wednesday 23 May 2018

Three Hutch gangsters threatened to kill gardai outside pub

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch
Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

A late night lock-in at a north inner city pub turned sour when three senior members of the Hutch gang were detained by gardai who were forced to draw batons when making the arrests.

The incident occurred outside the pub shortly after 4am on Monday when dozens of officers responded to a 'back-up' request from their colleagues after drunken gangland thugs threatened to shoot gardai when they attempted to arrest them.

Sources have revealed the situation 'kicked off' when officers who were patrolling the area as part of Operation Hybrid spotted two of the criminals trying to gain entry to the pub.

The duo, aged 40 and 36 and considered by gardai to be "highly dangerous", verbally abused the gardai when they were asked what they were doing.

They were quickly joined by a 42-year-old mobster who came out of the pub and the officers decided to call for back-up.

"All three individuals were clearly drunk out of their minds but they were still managing to make all kinds of threats to gardai, such as they would have them shot and so on," a source said.


"It is because of the nature of who these criminals are that several garda units from across the north city rushed to the scene to provide assistance.

"The aggressive behaviour of the individuals continued as more patrol cars arrived at the pub and officers were forced to draw their batons.

"The situation calmed down then and three arrests were made," the source added.

The three suspects were arrested under public order legislation and brought to three separate garda stations - Store Street, Mountjoy and the Bridewell.

They are expected to appear in court to face charges such as threatening and abusive behaviour and breach of the peace.

The Herald can reveal all three men have multiple previous convictions and are considered key and loyal members of the gang which centres around Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch.

All three are from the north inner city and have been major targets for gardai for years.

They have all been under a level of surveillance since the deadly feud between their faction and the Kinahan cartel kicked-off after the murder of Gary Hutch.

The two eldest of the three men previously served lengthy sentences for their roles in an attempted cash-in-transit van heist almost a decade ago.

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