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Threats made on Facebook before gun attack in pub

THE GUN KILLING of a man in a Dublin pub may be the city’s first ‘Facebook murder’.

Gardai investigating the slaying of Darren Cogan (22) in the Black Horse Inn, Inchicore, believe taunts on the social networking site could have led to his killing.

Detectives were today carrying out a detailed trawl of Facebook to provide vital information about the latest gangland murder in the capital.

Cogan was gunned down at 12.15am on Saturday, just an hour after two masked men had burst into the pub brandishing a shotgun and handgun. Gardai had just left the pub when the murder occurred.

The gunmen had screamed “where’s the rats?” as they moved through the bar.

Sources have confirmed that the chief suspects for ordering the murder are dangerous Crumlin based criminals who are linked to ‘Fat' Freddie Thompson's drugs gang.

One of the Crumlin men used to be Thompson's driver when the gang boss was based in Dublin. This reckless cocaine user and his brother are considered the most senior of the new generation of feuding younger criminals in the Crumlin/Drimnagh area.

Gardai do not believe the shocking murder of small-time criminal Cogan is linked to the drugs trade. They believe he was shot dead over a row among two feuding factions.

A source told the Herald: “There was a row in a pub some weeks ago which then escalated when taunts and threats were being made on Facebook.

“In one instance, a close female associate of Mr Cogan had a fake Facebook account set up in her name by the rival faction which caused huge tensions in the area because it was being used to taunt people,” explained the source.

“Gardai are trawling through Facebook to see what the various factions are saying about the murder - this may yield important information,” the source added.


Sources say that Cogan had “loose” links to the gang once controlled by jailed gangland boss ‘King Ratt', but that he was not a major gang player.

His murder is the first to occur as part of the so-called ‘new generation' of feuding in the Crumlin/Drimnagh area and sources believe that it could lead to a new cycle of tit-for-tat violence.

Today it emerged that gardai are also examining if Cogan was shot because he was due to give evidence in an upcoming criminal trial.

Officers are also attempting to interview two men who were with Cogan earlier on the night of his murder.

Cogan was interviewed by gardai investigating the February 2008 gangland style murder of local man Darren Guerrine but never considered him an actual suspect in the case.

Guerrine (21) was shot in the back of the head close to his home in Bluebell, Dublin. His body was found in the Grand Canal.

The murder was ordered by a criminal who was serving a sentence at Portlaoise Prison at the time who Cogan was associated with.

Meanwhile Cogan's devastated sister Jennifer has revealed that she whispered “I love you” to him moments after he was shot in the pub.

Jennifer emerged from the toilets after her brother was shot dead and his best pal Jamie Behan was seriously injured in the shooting.