Tuesday 23 January 2018

Thousands flock to new city gaming 'hub'

THOUSANDS of Dubliners have been flocking to South William Street -- to play PlayStation.

Dublin has become one of the first cities to roll out 'test drives' of new technology and games before they hit the market.

With more than 2,000 visitors over the past 10 days, the hub is fast becoming one of the city's trendiest spots.

The Herald decided to take a look and any preconceived notions of geeky teens queuing for hours to experience seconds of new technology is quashed the second you walk in.

Instead there are families, couples and young men and women having a fun -- and free -- afternoon.


But the most attractive thing to all the gamers is the chance to preview PlayStation Move and play Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3 -- before they are out.

Darren McGrath and his three sons, Hayden (12), Taylor (12) and Cody (14) all popped in.

"We heard about this through a friend, it's a good set-up in here. The brilliant thing is that games are here that you can't buy in shops -- it's a great thing to have," Darren said.

Sarah Flanagan, from Meath, and Philip Cass, from Kilkenny, have also been taking advantage. "It's pretty cool, it's interesting to be able to use the games before they come out," Sarah said.

The hub has been fitted into a formerly vacant space on 50 South William Street. Maria Gray, marketing director for Sony, Ireland, told the Herald: "The purpose is to give gamers a sneak preview of what games are coming out before they are released next year.

"Normally, gamers will wait and hear about a specific game and watch videos of it online ahead of its launch -- so we thought why not reward them and give them something special."


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