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'They're under the bins, they're afraid of nothing - the flats are destroyed'


Councillor Mannix Flynn says rancid bins attracted the rats

Councillor Mannix Flynn says rancid bins attracted the rats

Councillor Mannix Flynn says rancid bins attracted the rats

Residents on the southside of Dublin are up in arms over rat infestations that are causing havoc in their flat complexes.

Independent councillor Mannix Flynn said that waste in and around the bins at the complexes on Cuffe Street and York Street is the problem.


"Over the last number of weeks, the 40 days of heat, these bins were rancid," Mr Flynn said. "You couldn't come down near them they were that bad.

"The smell of the rubbish attracts the rats out of the sewers, they're going to attract them from all over the place."

He claimed the council was failing to deal with waste management for tenants in flat complexes in the city, adding that such issues of rat infestations were only evident in council-run complexes.

One resident at the York Street flats said certain short-cuts around the flats were considered no-go zones by children, for fear of the rats.

"They're under the bins, they are afraid of nothing, the whole flats are destroyed," she said.

"It's disgraceful. I cannot open my door, because I'm on the bottom level, you couldn't.

"My husband had to come out and pick up two dead rats, there was a pigeon there since last Thursday and the rats were eating it," she added.

"It's a mixture of the building that's going on and not having proper covers over the bins, something to properly lock them down," Cllr Sonya Stapleton said.

"Some of the residents have reported to me that they were afraid to open the bin, because they were afraid a rat would jump out at them."

The council say they have been treating complexes in the Cuffe St area for rat infestation but that traps can't be used for safety reasons.

"Our caretaking staff are located in this complex Monday to Friday and the complex is regularly cleaned and all rubbish is gathered and binned (bins are collected twice a week)," a spokesperson said.

She added that bins had lid replacements in May.