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'They're scumbags' - drug runner blasts Drogheda feud gangs


Scene of a recent Drogheda feud shooting at M1 Retail Park

Scene of a recent Drogheda feud shooting at M1 Retail Park

Scene of a recent Drogheda feud shooting at M1 Retail Park

A drug runner who claims to have worked with one of the two feuding gangs which have terrorised Drogheda has said those involved are "manic in the head".

The man, who said he is trying to break ties with the gang, revealed the tactics used by the gangs, including extreme violence and targeting people's families.

"They threaten your mother's house to try to get you because they know that you'll come out of hiding for your mother," he said.

RTE's Today With Sean O'Rourke programme carried out the interview with the drug runner, taking measures to protect his anonymity. He branded those involved in the feud as "scumbags, to the highest degree".

"They're all junked up, they're all on steroids... they're all up in the head, they're manic in the head, they're very dangerous people," he said.

He said there are a "lot of guns in this town" and said he believed all gardai should be armed to combat gang crime.

The man, who has known those involved in the feud most of his life, said there was "never enough" gardai in the town to cope with the situation.


He said in Drogheda "there's 17 or 18-year-old young fellas on the street with guns", and relayed a distressing story he was told by a friend.

"I know a friend of mine was minding drugs for this gang as well and the friend of mine was actually minding guns with the drugs and a young child, who was only six years old, found the gun in the back of a car and went out on to the streets waving a handgun around the streets," he said.

The drugs involved are mainly cocaine and weed, he said, noting heroin is no longer a main concern. The man is living in fear for his life and the lives of his family members.

The drug feud has imploded in recent times with violence escalating - and dozens of violent incidents since, including shootings, pipe bomb and petrol bomb attacks.