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'They're absolute heroes', says resident after fire rescue


Firefighters attend to a house fire in Tallaght yesterday morning

Firefighters attend to a house fire in Tallaght yesterday morning

Firefighters attend to a house fire in Tallaght yesterday morning

Two members of the Dublin Fire Brigade have been hailed as "heroes" after they spotted smoke coming from a house while they were attending another call-out.

The ambulance crew - who were in paramedic uniform and not their fire brigade outfit - did not hesitate to act when they saw smoke coming from a neighbouring house while they attended to a patient in Tallaght.

Deirdre Kerslake, who lives in the Tymonville area, said that she woke up at 6am, and at first thought that it was her own house on fire because of the strong smell of smoke.

She told Liveline that she looked out of her window and saw an ambulance outside.

She then saw the crew firstly trying to get access at the front of the house where the fire was.

She then contacted the RTE Radio One programme because she wanted to pay tribute to the bravery of the ambulance crew attending to the situation.

"They went to the ambulance to call in there was a fire," Deirdre told the Herald.

"They then climbed over the back walls of the houses, into the back garden of the house that was on fire.

"As the fire brigade came down the road, they came out with an elderly gent, who was walking.

"They were in their ambulance clothing. It is in their nature, they are there to save lives.


"They didn't hang around saying 'will we, won't we'.

"They saved this man's life basically.

"They are absolutely heroes, definitely," she added.

"It was only afterwards, I saw on Twitter that they had been on a call-out.

"They saw a fire and they just reacted, and they didn't hang around.

"They just acted on their instincts."

She said that the two fire engines quickly went in and extinguished the fire.

Deirdre said that we hear all the time about the good work that the fire brigade and emergency services do, but "it was emotional to say the least that they were able to save a life".

"These guys do it as part of their daily work.

"They don't think about that, they are heroes, but they are," she said.

On its Twitter account, Dublin Fire Brigade said that fire crews from Tallaght and Dolphin's Barn had extinguished the fire spotted by one of its ambulance crews.