Tuesday 16 January 2018

They strangled 'father figure' and poured cleaner down his throat - all for just €50

Kenneth Cummins told gardai they thought Mr Horan kept €2,000 in his bedsit (Stock picture)
Kenneth Cummins told gardai they thought Mr Horan kept €2,000 in his bedsit (Stock picture)

A woman and her brother murdered a mentally challenged man "who was like a father" to her for just €50.

Thomas Horan met a violent and horrifying end when Sabrina Cummins and her brother plotted to rob him.

Kenneth Cummins told interviewing gardai how he and his sister thought Mr Horan kept €2,000 in his bedsit in Cambridge Court, Ringsend.

However, over the course of a five-week trial a court heard how the robbery turned into a violent and horrific murder, with the victim suffering an unimag- inably disturbing end.

Mr Horan, who was described by his brother-in-law Jim Muldoon as "mentally challenged" and "an easy touch", was said in evidence to have been a caring man but a vulnerable target, which the perpetrators would have known.

The victim aided a desperate and helpless Sabrina Cummins when she needed it the most.

The court heard how he 'fostered' Sabrina when she was 18, letting her stay at his home whenever she fought with her partner.

Mr Horan was subjected to an orgy of violence, which included having cleaning liquid poured down his throat and being stabbed multiple times with a fork.

Despite the horrible torture already carried out, Sabina Cummins continued to direct her brother to inflict pain on the man who she described as "like a father", ordering Kenneth Cummins to "pull tighter" on a belt he had wrapped around the badly injured man's neck.

"The b******'s still not dead," she exclaimed when they realised there was still life in their victim.

The killers eventually stopped, leaving a helpless man dead over just €50.

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