Friday 24 November 2017

They gave me mortage seven times my salary

WIDOWED mum Jean Newport said that one lender told her they were "patient enough" after her payments spiralled out of control.

Jean bought a house in Maynooth to be closer to her youngest son's school.

She was approved for a mortgage which was seven-and-a-half times her salary at the time.

The Kildare businesswoman said that she has attempted renegotiating with the mortgage company.

"I've met with them many a time, we've had meetings and phone calls but they're saying that they've been patient enough," Jean said.

"At first I took out the mortgage with my older son but as time went on, he wanted to buy a house of his own and he needed to get off the mortgage.

"The mortgage was seven-and-a-half times my salary at the time," Jean explained.

"I didn't realise that -- I was just desperate to keep the roof over our heads.

"At that stage the mortgage repayments were fine. But then the recession hit and the rates went up.

Jean said that repayments spiralled towards the €2,000 mark every month.

"I was paying €1,700 -- €1,200 of this was on interest alone," she told the Herald.

"Both of my parents were in a car crash and I had to leave work to look after them for a while.

"It just went from bad to worse.

"It's a struggle," she admitted. "After 2008 I just couldn't make the repayments, my salary was so much less.

"I couldn't get a guaranteed, full-time job. I would reach the six-month probationary period and then they would let me go quoting 'the recession' as the excuse.

"It's just been a struggle being the sole breadwinner."

Jean said that she has attempted renegotiating with the mortgage company. But she said that she is not looking for an easy way out and wants lending institutions to meet people like her half way.


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