Saturday 16 December 2017

'There's nothing to do, our hotel is very basic' - homeless mum-of-two

Jennifer Daly
Jennifer Daly

A Dublin woman staying in emergency accommodation with her two children has said she leaves the room in the morning and does not return until late at night because there is nothing to do.

Jennifer Daly, from Dublin city centre, has been homeless for almost a year and has been staying in hotels since September 2016 with her children, aged six and one.

Ms Daly is currently availing of emergency accommodation where a family hub is expected to be located in the near future.

Speaking to the Herald, Ms Daly said she tries to spend as much time as possible out of her accommodation, and that once she finishes the school run, she stays away as much as possible.

She said she has been given very little information on her situation when it comes to family hubs, but said she does not expect much to change at the current property when it is transformed into a hub.

"All they're doing is changing the name, the rooms are still going to be the same," she said.

"There's nothing for the kids to do around here, it's a bad spot. There's really nothing for them at all.

"I haven't got a clue what the next step is [in relation to the family hub] - I would like to know what's happening," she added.

Ms Daly explained that her current living situation is cramped.

"It's very basic, the room is a box room, we do have a bathroom though," she said.


Another mother availing of emergency accommodation previously hit out at the proposed family hubs.

Cheryl Barnwell said that the hubs are not sufficient because they are just hotels, with the name removed.

She added that everyone should have their own home and privacy.

Last month, Cheryl (26) spoke of how she had to seek refuge at a garda station with her partner and her two children, due to the lack of emergency accommodation.

After making hundreds of phone calls to secure emergency shelter at hotels and B&Bs, the family from Finglas was even turned away from spending the night in a garda cell.

They spent the night sleeping on the floor of a homelessness charity's office.

Ms Barnwell said they were told by officials from Focus Ireland's Homeless Action Team (HAT) that the only option to ensure their safety was to present themselves at a garda station.

Yet when they arrived at Finglas Garda Station, Ms Barnwell said a garda told her: "There's nothing we can do for you. You can't stay here."

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