Monday 11 December 2017

'There's massive pressure for women on TV to stay slim', says Fall star Lacy

The Fall star Lacy Moore
The Fall star Lacy Moore

A Dublin actress who stars alongside heart-throb Jamie Dornan in The Fall has spoken on about the pressure for women to look slim on screen.

Lacy Moore (38), from Sutton, plays Lisa Benedetto whose daughter is infatuated with Dornan's serial killer character Paul Spector.

With a string of credits under her belt including Game of Thrones and a starring role in Netflix's Kill Ratio alongside Amy Huberman, Lacy has been making her name on set for a number of years.

One of the things that keeps her on her toes is the need to stay trim for her on-screen appearances she said.

"There's a massive pressure, particularly for women to stay slim and healthy and fit. The camera makes you look bigger so you have to be smaller in real life.

"You look normal sized on camera [if you are smaller]. It's really unfair actually, it's quite distressing at times," she said.

"But it's a good thing as well because it makes you look after yourself, which maybe you wouldn't if you were in something else but you can't put a pound on," she said.

"There's definitely a pressure to go to the gym like six days a week just so you can relax and eat what you like," she added.


Despite working alongside big names including Dornan and the X-Files' Gillian Anderson Lacy said the mood on set is very relaxed. "There is absolutely no ego on that set. Everyone is very down-to-earth and so friendly," she told the Herald.

"Everyone is very welocming . . . you don't feel like you're hanging out with anyone famous at all."

The relaxed atmosphere is down to writer Allan Cubitt.

"It is a luxury to work on such great material. Allan writes strong, intelligent, independent and complex roles for women, which is every actresses' dream," she said.

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