Thursday 23 January 2020

'Therapy lets me accept myself', says carefree Roz

Rozanna Purcell
Rozanna Purcell

Rozanna Purcell has said Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and reaching the age of 28 have helped bring a whole new level of self-acceptance where she no longer cares about other people's opinions.

The former Miss Universe Ireland has received plaudits online for promo- ting a body positivity campaign in which she posts unfiltered images of herself, along with throwback pictures to when she was at the height of her modelling career.

However, the lifestyle guru, who previously battled an eating disorder, admits she had to do a lot of work on herself.

"I felt for years that people had this image built up of me and I couldn't break that down," she said.

"It took turning 28 as well as years of CBT just to not give a s*it any more. It really took a long, long time.


"Everyone's different. You can meet a 21-year-old like that, you can meet a 35-year-old who's not like that.

"So I think it was the right combination of things that made me go, 'I actually don't give a s*it any more'.

"It makes me feel so much better going and meeting people face-to-face, that people have no built-up image of me. I've shown them everything, I've no- thing to hide."

Rozanna said she tried not to spend too much time online and would rather be out in the fresh air, running or meeting friends and family.

"With dir-ect messages and stuff, sometimes you can get overwhelmed. I prefer engaging with someone face-to-face," she said.

The reaction the Tipperary woman has received has been mainly positive, which she said she still finds baffling.

"I'm like, why are people thanking me for pointing out my cellulite or whatever? We all have it," Rozanna said.

She was turning on the smiles at Merrion Square yesterday as she helped launch RTE on Climate.

Coinciding with Science Week, it will see brand new content aimed at highlighting the climate crisis across all platforms from November 11 to 15.

RTE News will air a range of special reports and live programming.

Rozanna will join up with 2FM's Tara Stewart for a podcast series called Dirty Laundry, in which they discuss fast fashion's impact on the environment.

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