Monday 18 December 2017

The Voice is not in danger ... audience figures speak for themselves - Kathryn

Presenter Kathryn Thomas doesn't believe that the Voice of Ireland is in danger of being axed as the ratings speak for themselves.

RTE recently put out a call for the submission of ideas for a new family-friendly show for Sunday nights.

But it does not mean that we'll be saying good bye to The Voice just yet, the presenter said.

"The fact that The Voice of Ireland is gone to tender I think is a good thing," Kathryn told the Herald.

"RTE have to be seen to be current and on top of things, and if there is another format that can deliver what we've been delivering for the past few years, then why should it not be considered or brought to the table?

"That is why television changes all the time, you've got to keep on the game all the time," she added.


However, she does think it would be difficult to replace the top reality talent show.

"I think, looking at it, there were 700,000 people last weekend watching it," Kathryn said.

"Getting the ratings that it has done, five years in and being able to carry that for 17 weeks, that's huge. It would be very difficult to replace it.

"I'm proud of the show and nobody can deny the audience it's delivering each week but it's part of the process and of independent producers pitching to the national broadcaster."

Meanwhile, there was heartbreak for two of the contestants on this year's show as it was revealed yesterday that the mum of singers Amy and Sinead Hansard had passed away suddenly last week.

Sinead and Amy, who are Glen Hansard's nieces, both made it through to the battle stages but unfortunately only Amy (18) made it through to the live shows on Sunday night.

Kathryn remembers their family from the blind auditions before Christmas and passed on her condolences to the girls.

"It must be so difficult and to know the live shows are approaching quite quickly," she said. "When I met the family, talk about having the most support in the world - there were about 18 of them there on the day. They seem like a tight knit unit to me and I pass on my condolences."

While Kathryn had thought she had St Patrick's Day off this year, she has decided to lend her support to the inaugural Mullingar half marathon in aid of Childline.

"I've done two half marathons already so I'm definitely going to get more under my belt this year," she said.

"It's a brilliant cause, I know the great work that Childline do, they're incredible," she added.

Registrations for the half marathon are now open at www.mullingarhalfmarathon.com.


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