Wednesday 17 January 2018

The top tips for PR workers to help get the message across

Anyone eager to kick-start a career in public relations should take heed of some essential ground rules.

PSG account manager Natalie Tennyson has some handy tips for young PR execs.

Firstly, get a head start. Any job these days is demanding and unpredictable - and PR is no different. So, before leaving the office write an action plan for the next day. Not only does it clear your head, but it means you arrive in the office the next morning focused on what has to be tackled.

Know your media. Anyone working in PR must be media savvy, a passion which should come naturally. It means listening to breakfast radio news, reading newspapers and magazines and checking websites and social media before 9am.

Thirdly, tailor your pitch. Tennyson says there are PRs who give others in the business a bad name. They send out the one press release to every journalist known to man. It's the PR person's job to know what journalists want and tailor the story for them.

Know your client. If you act for a legal firm, make sure you're up to speed on relevant laws and competitors.

Last, but not least, ask for help. You work as part of an agency team and so it's worthwhile involving your client- service colleagues. Other people bring fresh thinking to a project and can give a campaign a fresh perspective. Seeking advice is not a weakness. The same goes for media. It makes sense to ask a picture editor for their thoughts on a photocall idea.

Michael Cullen is editor of marketing.ie; cullen@marketing.ie

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