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Messages that told the story of Dwyer's hold over Elaine in 17 months before he killed her

The following texts were exchanged between Dwyer using the "Goroon" phone and Elaine on her iPhone between March 2011 and July 2012

Hi Elaine, hope you are keeping well," (first message on March 25, 2011) - GD

"Who's this please? - EOH

"An old friend. We used to play together and I miss it terribly." - GD

"I'm not into blood anymore" - EOH

"The more male DNA and fingerprints in your flat the better...get his prints on your kitchen knife" - GD (on Elaine seeing someone else.)

"My urge to rape stab and kill is huge. You have to help me control or satisfy it." - GD

"You should always let me stab you or find me someone else to do it to." - GD

"All the time sir? Between the punches and stabs, I will never find my true love." - EOH

"Sir, the marks are from you pretending to cut me. Your blades are sharp. So if you hit off my skin it leaves a mark. Yes I am sore, I'm bleeding." - EOH

"You deserve a full-time master, I'm your secret killer." - GD

"I would drop everything for a baby." - EOH

"Ok, a life for a life. Help me take one and I'll give you one…. it's your reward for helping me stab a girl to death." - GD

"You are going to drive yourself crazy thinking all these things all the time, just enjoy what you have, it's easier." - EOH

"Stab stab stab rape kill." - GD

"I'm scared, Sir, Please don't let me die, Please don't kill me, please. Sir, I don't want you to stab me any more, I can't take it, I just can't. I'm scared you are going to kill me, I don't want to die." - EOH

"You won't die, night night," - GD

"I'm not a prostitute. I'm a person, I have dignity." - EOH (when Dwyer offers to pay her)

"You are right, Sir, I am old and ugly... so I'll be here if you want, Sir," - EOH

"Don't be so hard on yourself, just lower your expectations." - GD

"You'd better find someone I can sink my blade into then, get working on it," - GD

"I found a dead sheep yesterday. Might go back after dark and see how it feels to sink a knife in to it." - GD

"I want to do a woman next. It was a fantastic feeling, the knife going in and watching blood spurt out. So happy. X" - GD

"I'm a sadist, I enjoy others pain. You should let me inflict pain on you." - GD

"You're a guy who just wants a bit on the side, like all the guys who cheat on their wives." - EOH

"I want to stick my knife in flesh while sexually aroused and see pain." - GD

"Blood turns me on and I would like to stab a girl to death sometime... Help me satisfy my stabbing fetish. Find me someone or offer your own flesh." - GD

"I have everything ready if it all becomes too much... Just think, all your worries gone. I could fit you in Thursday." - GD

"I know you want it, 30 seconds to slip into oblivion," - GD

"Lots of people have stabbed and got away with it. Why not me?" - GD

"Offer of baby or ending your life always there. X."

"Technology is a killer now, Sir, sorry." EOH, worried about talking about plans to kill an estate agent on the phone.

"You are afraid to show people who you really are. That is why you won't get your wife involved. Why you keep that side of you a secret. I'm the opposite, I don't care what people think of me if I'm

happy. I can't trust you. I just can't." - EOH

"I'll keep you locked up like Fritzl." - GD

Some of the messages Dwyer using the "Master" phone exchanged with Elaine on the "Slave" phone the day before she disappeared, August 21, 2012:

"You must be punished for trying to kill yourself without me and for being unavailable for so long...

I'm going to get blood on my knife for this, a lot of blood then we can move on." - GD

"You are my slave but I need to be serving me not stuck in hospital. I wish I could f*** you on my lunch break." - GD

"It's up to me and you have a big punishment coming up, getting knifed in the guts." - GD

"Sir, do I have to be naked!" - EOH

"It's very deep in the forest and yes you do. I don't want blood over your clothes." - GD

"Now I'm terrified!" - EOH

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