Friday 20 July 2018

the search is on for the very best that dublin has to offer

WE all know there are many great things about the capital, but this week we will find out what is the best of Dublin in a wide range of categories from parks and gig venues to family spots and even the best people.

That's because the hunt to find the pride of the city is nearing an end.

Last month, 98fm put out the call for nominations for the best Dub and names flooded in from across the city of people who change Dublin for the better in lots of ways - big and small.

Organisers received more than 100,000 entries, and judges have had their hands full trying to decide the winners.

People from all walks of life were nominated for a host of reasons and, with such an impressive shortlist, competition is definitely stiff.

From taxi drivers to midwives and beyond, the list of impressive Dubs is varied.


Childcare worker Joanne Braddel was nominated in the 'Best Dub' category for the outstanding work she does with a baby in her care at a Ballymun crèche.

Cherie Bacon nominated the crèche worker because of her commitment to her special needs child. "My child doesn't trust anyone, but loves Joan," she said.

While the crèche is set to close and all care workers are losing their jobs. Joanne has committed to remaining as Cherie's baby's care worker.

Also nominated is Bobby Shane Gillece (23) is a GAA fanatic and has never missed a Croke Park game.

A true blue, Bobby has an impressive tattoo sleeve on one arm that depicts all of the city's famous landmarks. The Marino man trains young GAA players every weekend in St Vincent's GAA club.


Paula Barry was selected for the shortlist of outstanding Dubs for her remarkable work as a midwife in the Coombe hospital.

Paula was nominated by a former patient, Sophie, who said that the generous midwife went beyond the call of duty for the entire nine months of her first pregnancy.

John Hoey is the final person competing for the title of the 'Best Dub' in the upcoming awards.

The driver collects patients and families from St Francis hospice and his kindness is a well-known hallmark of his service.

The 'Best Dub' category is one of 21 categories. Other categories include the best bartender, the best sports club, the best bus driver and best tradesperson.

The winners will be announced in the Herald this Thursday.


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