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The Irish at Waterloo

The so-called British army that defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo included many Irish and Scottish soldiers. Even its commander, the Duke of Wellington, was Irish, having been born in Dublin in 1769. This documentary drama tells the story of the famous battle from the perspective of these soldiers and their wives. Starring Micheal O Muircheartaigh, Steve Wall and Olwen Fouere.

African family values

the tribe

ch4, 9pm

Documentary about an African tribe living together in four mud huts in southern Ethiopia. It's a stressful time for family elders Ayke Muko and Kerri Bodo, whose son is due to marry a girl from a neighbouring village. However, after failed dowry negotiations, relations between the two families have broken down. Meanwhile, their only daughter remaining at home is Hacho, who is next in line to wed. As she clings on to her last few months of freedom, she skips family dinners, gives cheek and steals her mother's money - just like any other rebellious teenager.

Recipes for disaster

celebrity masterchef

bbc1, 9pm

New series. Cooking and showbusiness collide as the culinary contest returns, with former Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, ex-chart star Chesney Hawkes, TV presenter Yvette Fielding and actresses Sheree Murphy and Patricia Potter the first of 20 celebrities hoping to emulate last year's champion, Sophie Thompson. They begin by creating either a sweet or savoury dish, then are split into two groups for a restaurant challenge. Finally, it's back to MasterChef HQ, where each contestant prepares a two-course meal of their own design, before judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace decide who will be going home. Continues tomorrow.

Sky-high concerns

how safe is your cabin air?

bbc2, 7.30pm

An investigation into the safety of aeroplane cabin air. After two separate instances in which the autopsies of a pilot and an air steward revealed toxic levels of chemicals in the men's systems, a coroner has raised concerns and suggested that action must be taken. Reporter Joel Hills examines the evidence and talks to family and friends of those who died.

Stewart delves deeper into the apparent suicide of his best friend Callum, uncovering secrets and lies in Stonemouth's close-knit community in this concluding episode. He soon realises his questions are ruffling feathers - even his godfather, local businessman Mike MacAvett, is behaving strangely, warning Stewart to leave well alone. The only person he can turn to is ex-girlfriend Ellie, and despite their troubled past, they work to expose the sinister forces behind Callum's death. Christian Cooke and Charlotte Spencer (left) star.