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The Investigation

HER savage killing launched one of the biggest investigations ever seen.

And the murder remains unsolved.

Multiple interviews were conducted along with 13 arrests and gardai carried out a wide ranging DNA swabbing process – all to no avail.

With no one charged and no murder weapon recovered the trail ran cold.

In 2008, the Garda cold-case team took over the case and organised a series of high-profile media briefings in a desperate bid to persuade witnesses to come forward.

The cold case unit carried out one of the most extensive examinations of any murder scene in the history of the State.

Detectives even made a direct appeal to Raonaid's killer, stating the culprit would be treated with humanity and dignity.

Particular focus was paid to locating a male and female who were seen out walking separately in the area close to where Raonaid was murdered.

The man was in his 20s, with short, dark hair, while the woman was described as being aged 16 to 23.