Tuesday 16 January 2018

The haunting: Ghost causes havoc on film set

PRODUCERS of a new Irish series have hit a stumbling block on set with what appears to be a ghost causing havoc with props.

The series called A Tangled Web is set to air next spring and is currently being filmed at a house in Ranelagh.

Creators have described the series as being similar to American sitcom Friends but with a great deal more reality as well as a murder mystery to solve.

According to director Declan Cassidy: "I'm really sceptical about people who claim to have supernatural things happen but I have to admit to being a bit perplexed about that house.

"We have three pictures hanging in the living room that keep falling off the wall -- particularly in the middle of us shooting in that room. It's very unnerving.

"Also, we had two vases on the table which had been set up the night before for shooting the following morning but when we came in one was on the floor smashed," he added.

Declan and producer Bill Tyson initially thought the crew were to blame but have since concluded that's not the case. He told the Herald: "On a set there has to be meticulous attention to details like having things in a place the camera team can find them.

"At first when items were misplaced I thought it was the crew being sloppy.

"But having worked with them for a week now, I know that they're really on top of their jobs and have had to rule that out. We had a word with cast and crew and despite everyone being extra careful we keep finding things out of place.

'It's been a complete nightmare for our conti- nuity person.

"It's as though someone is having a joke at our expense," he added.

-- Lorna Nolan

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