Tuesday 12 December 2017

"The cruelty is just unbelievable' - Dog thrown into river with concrete block around its neck

The dog tied to the concrete brick. Photo: North West DSPCA
The dog tied to the concrete brick. Photo: North West DSPCA

A HELPLESS dog had a concrete block tied to his neck before being thrown into a river.

The sickening incident of animal cruelty is being investigated by the Gardai in Ballina, Co Mayo.

A man discovered the dog in the River Moy yesterday and contacted animal welfare volunteers in the town.

Cathy O’Hora form the North West SPCA told Indepedent.ie of the “truly shocking” scene and how she posted pictures online hoping witnesses will come forward.

“I know those pictures look horrendous but it was worse to see. It really was awful.

"But then again I’ve been called out to many situations... you’re not prepared for it."

"The cruelty is just unbelievable and it’s completely unnecessary,” she added.

“What bothers us is that someone did that deliberately and it’s just appalling.

"I know it’s pretty graphic but I posted (the pictures) up because we want people to come forward. Someone knows the dog and someone knows the owner," she said.

“The most likely scenario is that the owner didn’t want the dog... and this is the result basically."

She said her group deal with a lot of unwanted dogs and blamed “out of control” dog breeding in Ireland for the problem saying the country is known as “the puppy farm of Europe”.

"We’re taking in dogs left right, right and centre from people that don’t want them.

"We just have too many dogs and we do too much breeding and there’s not enough responsibility and care taken about the animals."

She appealed for anyone with information on the incident to call the North West SPCA on 09676649/09633766 or Ballina gardai on 09620567.


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