Monday 18 December 2017

The Coombe: Mobile phone snatching

The Coombe

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(Stock photo)

THIEVES, travelling on bikes, have been snatching mobile phones from people in the south inner city.

At the end of February there was a spate of incidents in and around Meath Street and the Liberties.

In one incident, a woman was knocked to the ground by a cyclist, whose face was covered, and who then tried to prise her phone from her hand.

This occurred on the corner of Hanbury Lane.

The thugs approach from behind on bikes, after observing someone either texting or talking on their phone, and then cycle off at speed.

Next Thursday, March 26, locals in the area are invited to a policing meeting.

If anyone has concerns about anti-social behaviour or crime, they are welcome to attend the Local Policing Forum in St Catherine's Church on Thomas Street at 7.30pm.

It will be attended by senior gardai and city council representatives.

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