Sunday 17 December 2017

Test pilot slept for 10 hours

A Swiss pilot has completed a simulated three-day solo test flight during which he spent more than 10 hours asleep in the cockpit.

Andre Borschberg was testing conditions for a round-the-world trip in a solar-powered plane planned for 2014. He took 32 naps of 20 minutes each during the 72 hours he spent inside the simulator at Duebendorf near Zurich, Switzerland.

The naps are only allowed while flying over the ocean and at other times he did yoga and pilates exercises to help him stay awake.

Boy (9) accused of shooting girl

A NINE-year-old boy accused of accidentally shooting a classmate came before a judge in juvenile court in Washington.

Documents filed when the boy was charged say the gun fired on Wednesday after the boy slammed his backpack down on a desk. Eight-year-old Amina Kocer-Bowman remained in a critical condition. The boy was charged with unlawful possession of a gun, bringing a dangerous weapon to school and third-degree assault. Bail was set at $50,000 (¤372,800).

Man dies after golf club attack

A man with hair "like Mick Jagger" fatally stabbed a 20-year-old with a broken golf club in a fight, a court in London heard.

Anthony Leader ( 22) brawled with Sam Fitzgerald outside the Thornhill Arms in Islington, north London, as a football match was shown in the pub, jurors were told.

One witness, Noel Maher, described a man with "long, girlish, untidy hair, old-fashioned like Mick Jagger" fighting with bare-chested Mr Fitzgerald that night.

Miner killed in work dispute

An international mining company says a man was killed at a South African mine that has been at the centre of a protracted and violent labour dispute.

Mining company Implats said police found the man's badly beaten body near the platinum mine northwest of Johannesburg. Implats says he has not been identified, but items found with him indicate he could be a contractor working at one of the shafts.

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