Tuesday 12 December 2017


Dublin will be a decidedly less glamorous place this weekend as top model Teodora Sutra jets off home to her native Latvia.

The beautiful blonde (23) has revealed how "Friday can't come quick enough" as the countdown to her break officially starts.

Teo (inset) moved over here with her family when she was just eight years old, but still hasn't forgotten her roots.

"I do feel like Ireland is my home but I go back to Latvia about twice a year," she said.

"I say I am Latvian but I couldn't imagine moving back - even though all my family is over there."

One of our best-known faces in the modelling industry, she is one lady who has had to battle against the odds when it comes to rising to the top.

She recently opened up about her battle with spina bifida but she said it was "mild".

"I only found out about two years ago," Teo said. "I was having back pains and they'd only last two weeks and then my back would be sore, then it would stop for about a month and then it would be sore again.

"I went to a doctor who specialises in backs when I went home to Latvia. Straight away, she could tell by the way I was standing and by the way my back looked that there was something wrong. She brought me for an X-ray and found out I had spina bifida. I am not really meant to run or do sports with a lot of impact."

She hasn't let her diagnosis hold her back in any way though. Teo recently started training for the half marathon, having never done any running.

"We are doing the Rock 'n' Roll Dublin Half Marathon on August 4," she continued. "I only started training three weeks ago.

"If it's not raining I'll try and run every day. I'm just practising my breathing right now - not wondering about how far I can run. I've never actually ran. I've been used to lifting weights but not much cardio - it is a bit of a challenge."

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