Monday 18 December 2017

Tenant 'living with no heating for 16 years' fears for son

Gerard Moore with his partner and son
Gerard Moore with his partner and son

a TENANT living in Oliver Bond House in Dublin 8 claims to have been living without central heating for 16 years.

Gerard Moore has been living in the local authority apartment for most of his life.

He and his partner Therese Corrigan now live in the flat on Usher Quay with their son, Cameron Lee Corrigan (4).

In 1998, the boiler was removed at Mr Moore's mother's request because the central heating wasn't working properly but it has never been replaced.

During the winter months, Mr Moore said the couple are forced to sleep alongside their son in order to keep him warm.

"The bedroom that we have for him is just too cold," the concerned dad explained.

"This is not about the money, it is about the health of my son," he added.

The family use a storage heater to heat their apartment but can't afford the high cost of running it to heat the two-bedroomed flat.

Mr Moore (27) wants the council to replace his central heating as it is having a huge impact on his quality of life.

Therese has a problem with her hip bones and is due to undergo surgery next month.

"Her doctors have told her that she needs heat to stop the pain in her hips," Mr Moore continued.


The lack of heating in their house has been ongoing for 16 years in total and Mr Moore's young son has never been able to sleep in his own room during colder months.

Mr Moore said he has been speaking with council representatives on numerous occasions and was told that he would need a letter from Bord Gais to show that the meter had been removed in 1998.

The Dubliner admitted that he has had difficulty securing this letter, however.

A spokeswoman for Dublin City Council said that the council had no involvement in the installation or removal of gas meters.

The council also stated that they had no records of complaints from Mr Moore referring to heating in his home.

Mr Moore maintains he has called into nearby offices on several occasions but a representative for the council said that the Emmet Walk office, near Usher's Quay, "has been closed for over two years".

"However, the local area office will arrange to call up to Mr Moore to discuss the matter," the spokeswoman added.

Gas Networks Ireland have since made contact with Mr Moore and he is satisfied that they will be able to assist him going forward.


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