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Teen's sentence is deferred

a 16-YEAR-OLD burglar has been given a "deferred sentence" after a court heard detention centres were full.

The boy had been convicted at Dublin Children's Court on charges including assault and burglary, but was told to come back next month to see if his six-month term can be activated.

He had told the court he wanted his case finalised, even though that meant a custodial sentence, and said he did not want to engage with the Probation Service.

Judge John O'Connor said that while waiting for a place, the teen must abide by a curfew and attend a course.

Older drivers 'would fail test'

Experienced motorists could struggle to pass the theory part of the driving test if they had to take it now, research has revealed.

In a mock test of 50 qualified drivers, half failed the multiple-choice questions part of the test while a third failed the hazard perception part.

The poll showed only 15pc of drivers understood all road signs, with 13pc parking where prohibited and 7pc going the wrong way down a one-way street.

Mum, daughter same-day birth

A woman and her daughter gave birth at the same hospital on the same day.

Heather Penticoff and her daughter Destinee Martin each found out they were pregnant on the same day. They had the same due dates and doctors at Lee Memorial Hospital in Florida decided to induce both of them on Tuesday.

Penticoff's daughter, Madeline, was born first and Destinee's son, Damien, was born almost three hours later, making Penticoff's grandson roughly the same age as her newborn daughter.

Pope likely to visit New York

THE Vatican's envoy to the UN hinted that Pope Francis would visit New York next year to address the General Assembly, saying that the coming 70th anniversary of the world body would be "the ideal time".

Archbishop Bernardito Auza also said that "if he comes to Philadelphia, he will come to New York".

The Pope said in August that he wants to visit the US and would like to go to Philadelphia for a family rally.